Friday, December 2, 2011

My Favorite Christmas Pug Greeting Cards

Pug Christmas A funny holiday greeting card - $2.95

Funny Christmas Card - Puggy Pug Christmas - $3.95

Funny Embarrassed Pug Dog Holiday Card - $3.70

Santa-Paws Funny Pug Christmas/Holiday Card - $3.70

Moody Pug Christmas Greeting Card - $3.75

Thinking of you Christmas pug dog greeting card - $3.45

Happy Belated Christmas Pug greeting card - $3.50

Pug Santa Paws greeting card - $4.85

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  1. Pugs are a great breed of dogs, I have a lot of friends who own one. They will definitely love these greeting cards, and their dogs as well.

    Cherri Wookines