Monday, May 16, 2011

Girls with Pets Russian nesting dolls

'Girls with Pets'- $ 434.84

The 'Girls with Pets' nesting doll before you is an exquisite example of Russian beauty and purity reflected in a unique matryoshka doll by a Moscow nesting doll artist Alla Lukash. Each nesting doll set is made to order and the whole set takes the artist 5 business days to paint and coat with matte finish. MORE INFO / RELATED STORY: RUSSIAN SERGIEV POSAD MATRYOSHKA In provincial Russia before the revolution the name Matryona or Matriyosha was a very popular female name. It was derived from the Latin root 'mater' which means 'mother'. This name was associated with the image of a mother of a big family who was very healthy and had a portly figure. Subsequently, it became a symbolic name and was used specially to describe brightly painted wooden dolls made in such a way that they could be taken apart to reveal smaller dolls fitting inside on another. The first nesting dolls of Sergiev Posad portrayed this special beauty: young girls dressed in Russian sarafans carrying baskets, scythes, bunches of flowers or dressed in winter short fur coats and scarves. This particular matryoshka is an exclusive example of a Sergiev Posad style married with a highly professional portrait painting.

Size: approx. 6.4' Metric: 16 cm Consists of: 5 pieces Finish: matte Availability: ships within 5-7 business days Origin: Russian Federation

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